Painted RV Cabinets

There really isn’t anything I enjoy more than putting in a little hard work, and then standing back and admiring great results. I often find myself just sitting in our camper with a cup of coffee getting lost in big day dreams while admiring all our efforts. Anyone else do this?

So we all know there are pro’s and con’s to painting cabinets. In my opinion painted cabinets are not as durable as the factory finish. That being said, we don’t used our camper every day and I really want our camper to reflect our personal style; so for us it is worth being a little more mindful when we use our camper.

Here are the supplies I used:

I started by taping off around the edges and removing the drawers and cabinet doors. Just an FYI the drawer pulls in the R-Pod are not easily removed- I didn’t want to risk destroying the box, so I left my on.


I taped each drawers hardware to the inside of the drawer and labeled their placement (i.e. drawer number 1,2,3).


I already knew from personal experience that priming the cabinets was not a step that could be skipped. So I wiped down all the cabinets with liquid deglosser in an attempt to remove some of the shiny finish and the grease and dirt. Then I very lightly sanded with 120 and primed with Gripper primer. After letting it dry the recommended time I did the scratch test…if the dried primer holds up to my fingernail scratching it then we are good to paint. It didn’t. I almost cried.



So I realized that my quick rub down of liquid deglosser and a few swipes of 120 sandpaper wasn’t enough. I had to sand off ALL the primer. Gripper primer is thick, like paint…so this took hours.


I primed again, this time with bullseye and after drying it passed the scratch test. So to sum it up…swiping sandpaper over a surface isn’t going to cut it….you gotta get in there. Gently, but with purpose. The idea is to rough up the surface enough for the primer to stick.


I used Valspar cabinet paint. I am not really sure if it was worth the extra money…I guess time will tell. I chose semi-gloss for the durability, although I am not sure I completely love the shine. My thoughts are that it will hold up better to moisture and cleaning. I had the paint tinted to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. I applied the paint in 3 thin coats, following the directions on the paint. This stuff takes awhile. A few days to paint and then a few days to cure. I did this project in our off season.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 8.53.40 AM





Overall I am in love. My plans are to paint the rest of the cabinets (pantry, and over dinette) white. I ran out of time spring time, so this fall is going to be busy. The summer is hot and humid here in Alabama!


A few inspiration blogs:

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